Telegram Limits

Why limitations exist

Just like any other service, Telegram uses limits to ensure that users follow Fair Usage Policy and to keep the service running.

This table lists the currently known Telegram limits and is being kept up to date.

Username (e.g. @cameraman)
5 to 32 characters
up to 70 characters
First Name length
from 1 to 64 characters
Last Name length
from 0 to 64 characters
Self-destruction period if no activity
1, 3, 6 and 12 months (6 by default)
Spam ban
3 days or more
Channels and supergroups number you can be member of
up to 500 (including ones you own)
Saved GIFs number
up to 200
Video-avatar duration
up to 10 seconds
Group and channel creation
up to 50 in a day
Accounts number (official clients)
up to 3
Chats and groups
Participants (limit can be raised)
up to 200,000
Number of admins in groups
up to 50
Number of bots in groups
up to 20
Pinned chats in main list
up to 5 chats or channels + 5 secret chats
Group name and description
up to 255 characters
Message editing
in 48 hours after sending; unlimited in Saved and for admins with pinning rights
Photo and video self-destruction
1 to 60 seconds
Recent actions (subscriptions, posts, etc.)
last two days
Mentions number in a single message
up to 50, else notifications won't be sent
Visible messages number in group
1,000,000 last messages
Number of participants to see statistics
at least 500
Username change reservation (time before username will be available for everyone, not just the original owner)
about 15-30 minutes
Public usernames number for a single account
up to 10 (including groups)
Length of @username
5 to 32 characters
Channel name and description
up to 255 characters
Posts editing
Channel subscribers number
Visible subscribers for channel admin
200 people
Channel deletion
channels with more than 1K subscribers can be deleted only with Telegram support
Private channel access without subscription
up to 5 minutes once a day
Inviting users
up to 200 people
Number of subscribers to see statistics
at least 500
Username change reservation (time before username will be available for everyone, not just the original owner)
about 15-30 minutes
One message length
up to 4,096 characters
Media captions
up to 1,024 characters
File size limit
up to 2.0 GB
Video message duration
up to 1 minute
Images and videos in single message (album)
up to 10 items
Scheduled messages number
up to 100 items
Schedule range
up to 365 days
Folders amount
up to 10 folders
Pinned chats in a folder
up to 100 chats
People Nearby
Visibility range
about 12 kilometers
Visible users amount
up to 100 people
Visible geochats number
up to 10 closest
Bots number (created by @BotFather)
up to 20 items
Length of @username for bots
5 to 32 characters
Bot info length (/setabouttext)
up to 120 characters
Bot description length
up to 512 characters
File upload limit (BotAPI)
up to 50 MB
File download limit (BotAPI)
up to 20 MB
Message forwarding
up to 2,000 per hour
Keyboard buttons number
up to 100 entities
Message formatting data
up to 10 KB
Messages frequency (can be raised by BotSupport)
up to 30 messages per second; 20 per minute for public chats and channels
API requests frequency (can be raised by BotSupport)
up to 30 requests per second
Commands amount (in BotFather)
0 to 100 commands
Command length (in BotFather)
from 1 to 32 characters
Command description length (in BotFather)
from 2 to 256 characters
Global search results
up to 10 items; up to 3 for Android
Minimal query length for global search
at least 4 characters
Added packs number
up to 200 items
Favorite stickers number
up to 5 items
Stickers in a pack number
up to 120 for static, up to 50 for animated
Sticker size
one side equal to 512px, the other side 512px or less; strictly 512x512 for animated
Animation duration
up to 3 seconds
Sticker file size
up to 512 KB for static, up to 64 KB for animated
either 30 or 60
Accounts number in @telegraph bot
up to 5 items
Article size
up to 64 KiB
Video avatar properties
800x800px, up to 2 MB